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October 22-24

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Room with bed space available
Doofus Ryouga
talene309 wrote in oni_con
Don't want to be the 8th person stuffed into a room?
My friend and I are the only ones in the room and we are looking for 2 more roommates ONLY. That means the 2nd bed in the room is available. No having to sleep on the floor (or in the bathtub xD;)

We are (2) 20 year old non smoking females.
*Drinking is okay.
*No smoking in the room.
*Cosplayers okay! There will be a ton of space since we don't cosplay.
*Check in Thursday, Check out Sunday morning at the con hotel.

If we can get the 2 people needed, it will be $88 each.
If we only get 1 person from this post then it'll be $116 total.

Comment if you're interested~

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(Deleted comment)
if the price is too high, maybe we can work something out?

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