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October 22-24

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Oni-Con rescheduled due to hurricane Ike
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filthy_animal wrote in oni_con

Due to its usage as a shelter for hurricane Ike victims, the George R. Brown Convention Center has had to reschedule many upcoming events, including Oni-Con. Oni-Con will now take place December 19-21, 2008. While we realize this date change may prove inconvenient for some of you, we ask you for your understanding as Houston recovers from the storm. One of the means to recovery is proceeding with events, and Oni-Con is dedicated to providing you with the very best in spite of the current situation.

To accommodate attendees, our room block at the Hilton will be transferred to the new date. Also, most of our event and guest list remains intact and unchanged. Updates will come as soon as possible, and we will do our utmost to keep you informed. The staff of Oni-Con thanks you in advance for your understanding and support as we strive to continue the tradition of great conventions in Houston.

Update: If you tried to change or cancel your hotel room yesterday and were told you couldn't, the Hilton said that will be changed by tonight or tomorrow. Apparently they have been backed up on everyone's schedules. If you have a room and you want to change it, you need to call the Hilton and give them permission to change your stay.


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