Houston's Own Anime Con

October 22-24

Oni-Con 2007!
The dates for Oni-Con have been announced!

If you haven't been keeping up with the website, Oni-Con 2007 will be October 19-21st. Mark your calendars! ^^

Video: Oni-Con 2006 - Large Hotel, Large Events
View the official page here: http://www.marzgurlproductions.com/onicon2006.htm

Oni-Con 2006, October 20 - 22
George R Brown Convention Center, Houston, Texas
89.4 megs, 25 mins, 56 secs

Or see the YouTube videos in three pieces here: Read more...Collapse )

Finally, after months of waiting, it's finally here! This video has finally obtained the length that most of the original MarzGurl Productions videos had previously obtained. Check out the clips from panel rooms, main events, video rooms, TWO cosplay competitions, Yoshitaka Amano Q&A panel, ninjutsu, and much, much more! I hope this helps you catch up with your con season. Wish you were here!

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Hey ONICON members!

I just wanted to let everyone know i have a Chris Patton comm so please feel free to join it!


Oh '06 was a blast. I hope everyone got something drawn by AMano!


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Good evening all.

It's become clear that there's not enough lolita happenings at oni-con 2006.. and because of this, I decided to at least get some sort of get together in order.

But then, I came to the conclusion that the only time that alot of people aren't busy is late at night.. Therefore, I was curious to see if any other lolita's would be opposed to a midnight (or 10pm perhaps) gathering on the balcony C.

So I'm posting this to see if anyone else (those that are going to onicon at least) would be intersted.

Just a notice...
EGS Grace
I wanted to let the community know that I've credited it on a list of related LJ communities in onicon.

Also that I'm new to the community, trying my hardest to get to the con in a week, and it'll be my first con since NekoCon 6. Hope to make it. ^_^

hi guys
The perfect ending.
This will be my first Oni-con ever. I'm very excited about it. :D
I've attended A-kon the past two years and my friend just recently told me about this con, so I decided to check it out.
We heard 12012 was coming..so we're definitely hitting up the concerts...well, she is. I'll only be able to go to Saturday's.
I'll be there Saturday and Sunday...'cause I can't manage to get off work Friday.

Anyway, no one cares. :P

So who all here is a fan (big or small) of 12012? I'm mainly going to see them for the first time in America so I was just wondering if anyone else is doing the same. ^__^

I'll see some of you guys there, I suppose.
Not cosplaying...'cause I don't have time to get a costume together. But next year... lol


Afterthought(s): Anyone know about the camera policy at the uhh..question and answer session thing..and the autograph..thing? lol And how about the concert? I know most jrock bands don't allow cameras at their concerts (or maybe it's just their label..or whatever).
Um..yeah. That's all. I'm gone now, I swear.

San Japan Pre-anniversary!
SJ invades SA! We're now one year out from the only San Antonio anime convention! We know you're home bored, waiting with anticipation. We don't want to disappoint! In celebration, we're hosting a pre-anniversary bash! On Saturday, July 15th, meet us in front of the IMAX theater at Rivercenter Mall at 9:30am. We recommend parking at the Rivercenter's parking garage. As usual, cosplay is encouraged, but DO NOT BRING WEAPONS OF ANY KIND, REGARDLESS OF IT BEING FAKE OR REAL. We don't want SAPD to take up your well crafted weapons or arrest you or some such. Also keep in mind it's in the middle of Texas' summer, so temperatures will be hot, more than likely reaching high 90s to the 100s. Make sure you are properly covered but don't wear anything too heavy. We don't want you passing out from heat exhaustion! At 10am we'll start a tour of downtown SA. We plan to visit the Alamo, Riverwalk, Hemisfair Park, and the Towers of the Americas. After this, we'll return to Rivercenter Mall for lunch (bring money for lunch and shopping!). After lunch it'll be shopping (Sanrio store! ) and gaming (DDR is there!) inside the Riverwalk Mall. As usual, we'll be taking preregistration for the special discount rate of $25! Think the day's over and done yet? Of course not! We're renting out the pool at Woodland Oaks for a night of fun, starting at 8:30pm and ending at 10:30pm! We'll have games with prizes (DVDs and more, graciously donated by ADV Films), music, and so much more! Only 60 people will be able to attend the pool party, so call Keri at (512) 769-5520 or e-mail conchair@san-japan.org to reserve your spot and get directions! First come, first serve! You will be responsible to bring your own food and drink to the party (no alcohol or glass allowed). We hope to see you there!

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12012 live at Oni-con
12012 live at Oni-con
(www.oni-con.com website is down for server transfer will be back up within a week so until then please check www.jhouserock.com for current details)

Yes it’s true something a lot of you have been waiting on it is finally here the official announcement for the musical guest at this years Oni-con. Sorry it has taken this long, thanks for waiting patiently!!

When: October 20-23 2006

UNDER CODE PRODUCTION, Cure Magazine and Jhouse-Rock Ent. Present the Japanese rock band 12012 live in concert for the first time ever in the United States. Experience the music with 12012 as they play their unique style at this year’s Oni-Con. Please visit www.Oni-con.com and www.jhouserock.com for concert details and information on other events with 12012
Events: Exact times subject to change please check www.oni-con.com for current times.
Friday – Concert #1
Saturday – Question and Answer panel
Saturday – Concert #2
Sunday – Autographs and photo session

Tickets: Pre-registration will be on sale at www.oni-con.com 3day passes as well as one day passes will be available for purchase online as well as at the door during the convention. Special events with the band have not been decided on yet please check www.jhouserock.com for sale of the special event tickets.


Hotel rooms will be at - Hilton Americas
1600 Lamar, Houston, Texas, United States 77010
Tel: +1-713-739-8000 Fax: +1-713-739-8007

Convention will take place in – George R. Brown convention center
1001 Avenida de las Americas Houston, TX 77010

When making hotel room reservations please remember to say you are with Oni-con in order to get the discounted room rate.

If you have any questions on anything regarding this event please feel free to send me an email. I check it many times a day and will be able to reply fast.

-Erin Allice-
Co Director Japanese Music Events Oni-con
Email: Natakuaya@hotmail.com

New Austin Anime Convention - IkkiCon
Just trying to help spread the word out of a new anime con being held in Austin. For those who enjoyed attending Ushicon and were disapointed to hear the closing of Ushicon. This new Austin anime con could be good news for us Ushicon refugess.

Official site.

LJ Community

Con is being held February 2-4 ,2007
at the...

The Woodward Hotel

3401 South I-35
Austin, Texas 78741

Follow-up to the TV Documentary (moving the discussion)
Okay, so everywhere I've posted around the Internet I've received nothing but good replies. So now it's time to really get this show on the road!

So as to no longer flood this community, I'm moving all further discussion of the Anime Fans documentary to my LJ community, marzgurlprod. So either join the community or put a watch on it for further updates. Also, if you'd like to join in on further discussion (and this will probably be where you'll find more updates) I'd also recommend joining the MarzGurl Productions forum and checking out the section New Documentary, Working Title: Project Fandom. We'll be setting up interviews there.

Also, to anyone who posted interest in becoming involved, I'll try to add you to an e-mail list. Just respond to it with "Please Remove" in the subject if you no longer wish to be notified.

One last thing - to those of you outside of the state of Texas, please watch one of the places I've posted above so that you will be notified of how to submit your interviews, where to get the forms you'll need to sign, and so on.

Thanks for your support, everyone! I'll be leaving now, and I hope to hear from you soon!

*Kaylyn "MarzGurl" Dicksion*

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